The Cost of an MRI Scan

How much will my MRI cost?
If you do not have insurance or elect not to bill your insurance because of large deductibles or other reasons, this is an easy question to answer at Open Imaging. Our cash pay (sometimes called self-pay) price is:

$450 for an MRI without contrast

$600 for an MRI scan that requires IV contrast

*An additional fee of is charged for MRI arthrograms* This price includes the technical AND the professional portions (the radiologist reading fee). Period. End. Simple.

Ready to Compare Prices?

Comparing the cost of an MRI between facilities is a little complex. This is because every insurance company has multiple policies and each policy can treat MRI and CT billing differently. On top of that, you may be considered “in network” or “out of network” depending on where your MRI or CT scan is done. You may or may not have met your deductible and that plays an important role as to what your portion of the bill might be. Rest assured that our billing specialists understand all of this. If we have your insurance information, including policy number we can get you accurate amounts that your specific plan covers and more importantly, what you will be responsible for.

The most important factor as to what your cost might be is where your scan is done. The fact is, most insurance companies and Medicare allow hospitals to charge more for MRI and CT scans than at an out-patient imaging center. That’s right, hospitals are paid more for the same scan than true out-patient centers. Many out-patient centers in Utah have been purchased by hospitals so that they can now charge more for the same scans. Open Imaging is a true out-patient imaging center and we will never charge hospital rates. The difference in payment is staggering. Typically, hospitals are paid between $2,000 and $3,500 for an MRI scan. Open Imaging is typically paid between $500 and $750 for the same MRI scan. If you have an 80/20 plan where you are responsible for 20% of the scan, that dollar amount can be significant.

Open Imaging is proud to be a leader in healthcare pricing transparency. Our billing specialists can contact your insurance company and give you an exact price for any CT or MRI scan done at our facilities. At Open Imaging we are dedicated to providing accurate pricing information to our patients, a service few other healthcare providers offer.

If you are price shopping, be sure to ask for the TOTAL price of the test including both parts: the technical portion and the professional (interpretation or radiologist) portion.

Can I Shop Around For an MRI?

Absolutely. In fact, Open Imaging recommends that you call around to see what options you have for your MRI scan. Even if you saw your doctor at a hospital, if your MRI scan is not an emergency, you can take the time to call other facilities for their prices.

We accept nearly all insurance plans so rest assured we can find a way for you to have your scan done at Open Imaging for a price you can afford.

Financing and Payment Plans

In the event you do not have insurance coverage for your scan, we’ll work with you to set up a payment plan or establish financing. With today’s insurance plans, even if you do have insurance deductibles and co-insurance portions can be overwhelming. We take pride in our willingness to get you a payment plan you can afford.

You will find that we are very flexible and understanding when it comes to setting up payment plans. We provide direct, interest-free financing plans for MRI and CT scans. You will not find an imaging center anywhere that is more dedicated to providing you with a plan that will work within your budget.

Insurance Pre-Authorization

These days many insurance companies require MRI scans and CT scans be “pre-authorized”. This means that they will not pay for your scan until they (the insurance company) feel the MRI or CT scan is warranted. If you have the scan done without pre-authorization they will deny payment and you will be responsible for payment of that scan.

In some cases, it is easy to get scans pre-authorized. With other insurance companies, it is much more difficult. They may require that other tests be performed before they authorize an MRI scan. Some insurance companies require a CT scan be done before they will pay for an MRI scan. Some require physical therapy or pain medications be tried for up to six months before they will authorize the MRI scan. At Open Imaging, we work with these issues every day. We will do everything we can possibly do to get your scan pre-authorized as quickly as possible.

While we utilize the latest information available to determine your eligibility and benefits PRIOR TO the time of your scan. We also work with your physician and insurance carrier to secure the pre-authorizations required. All you need to do is:

Provide Open Imaging with your complete insurance information including:

  • the insurance card
  • name and address of your plan or insurer(s)
  • name and address of your claims payer (if different than your insurer)
  • your ID and group numbers
  • the name of the policyholder or subscriber.

In the event this is a worker’s compensation, automobile or personal injury case, you’ll need to provide your attorney’s name and address, as well. You may have to ask your doctor to send detailed patient notes that explain what other treatment has been done in an effort to meet the pre-authorization requirements of your insurance.

We will assist you throughout this process. We completely understand how much stress and anxiety this might cause. We are your advocate!