Billing Process

To ensure you receive the best possible service throughout the entire process, we’d like to explain our billing process. Since your scan consisted of two components — the technical scans followed by the professional evaluation of the scans — you may see two bills depending on how your insurance plan pays us for the services. So you will see either:

  • Two bills — one from Open Imaging for the technical component and a second bill from Utah Imaging (the Board Certified Radiologist that analyzed your scans); or,
  • One global bill from Open Imaging.

Since it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your bill is paid, it is vital that you provide complete and accurate insurance information at the time of your exam. Should the information be inaccurate you will be billed directly. It is also your responsibility to pay any co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles based on your insurance plan benefits.

We are legally obligated to comply with the terms of your insurance plan at the time services are rendered. You are responsible to ensure your carrier submits payment. Once you receive a billing statement, you must submit payment in full or contact us to arrange alternate payment options.